Talent history

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Chehalis has had a lot of wonderful talent over the years, and continues to host some of the top musicians and callers in the US and Canada.

# Dates Callers/Instructors Bands Location
1 1988 Sep 16-18 Warren Argo
Cameron Stewart
Sue Truman, Carol Noyes, & Paul Michel
No Mean Feet

Pioneer Chehalis Lodge, Agassiz, BC

2 1989 Sep 15-17 George Marshall
Cameron Stewart
Wild Asparagus
No Mean Feet
3 1990 Sep 14-16 Fred Park
Laura Mé Smith
Sandy Bradley & the Small Wonder String Band
Erin Schraeder & Edith Ferrar
4 1991 Sep 13-15 Paul McCullogh
Cameron Stewart
Ruthie Dornfeld & Cyd Smith
5 1992 Sep 11-13 Laura Mé Smith
Marlin Prowell
Neolithic Broadcasters
Tempus Fugit
6 1993 Oct 29-31 Sherry Nevins
Cameron Stewart
Helga Sermat (step dance)
Flash in the Pan String Band
Andrea Hoag & Julie King
7 1994 Sep 23-25 Steve Zakon
Mike Richardson
Helga Sermat (step dance)
The Headbenders
Laurie Andres, Cathie Whitesides, & Terry Wergeland
8 1995 Sep 22-24 Lisa Greenleaf
Kathy Anderson
Happy Valley Sluggers
YMCA Camp Elphinstone, Gibsons, BC
9 1996 Oct 4-6 Larry Edelman
Tony Parkes
Queen City Bulldogs
Tempus Fugit
10 1997 Oct 3-5 Susan Michaels
Kathy Anderson
Mary Lee Lykes & Lynn Hyerle (swing)
Sybaritic String Band
The Canote Brothers & David Cahn
Ruthie Dornfeld & Terry Wergeland
11 1998 Oct 9-11 George Marshall
Erik Weberg
Wild Asparagus
12 1999 Oct 1-3 Susan Michaels
Mary DesRosiers
Les Freres Brunet
Sybaritic String Band
13 2000 Sep 29-Oct 1 Susan Michaels
Maureen Collier
Deborah Jones & Ib Nielsen (hambo)
14 2001 Sep 28-30 Marlin Prowell
Sue Rosen
Uncle Gizmo
Bag o' Tricks
15 2002 Sep 27-29 Susan Michaels
Becky Hill
Rex Blazer & Margie Katz
16 2003 Sep 26-28 Ron Buchanan
Erik Weberg
The Reckless Ramblers
17 2004 Sep 24-26 Susan Michaels
Keith Cornett
The Rocket Boys
18 2005 Sep 23-25 Seth Tepfer
Charlie Fenton
The Latter Day Lizards
The Nettles
19 2006 Sep 22-24 Joseph Pimentel
Joyce Miller
The Groovemongers
The Beat Queens
20 2007 Sep 21-23 Susan Michaels
Shawn Brenneman
21 2008 Sep 19-21 Cary Ravitz
Cis Hinkle
Lift Ticket
Giblitz Fancy
22 2009 Sep 18-20 Nils Fredland
Jeremy Korr
Great Bear Trio
Red Crow
23 2010 Sep 17-19 Susan Michaels
Seth Tepfer
The Avant Gardeners
24 2011 Sep 16-18 Diane Silver
George Marshall
Perpetual e-Motion
Chehalis Healing House (formerly Pioneer Chehalis Lodge) Agassiz, BC
25 2012 Sep 14-16 Wendy Graham
David Kaynor
Nor'easter and Russell Shumsky
Andrew and Noah Band
26 2013 Sep 20-22 Lisa Greenleaf
Will Mentor
Latter Day Lizards
The Nettles
27 2014 Sep 19-21 Carol Ormand
Rick Mohr
282015 Sep 18-20 Michael Karcher
Maggie Jo Saylor
Uncle Farmer
292016 Sep 23-25Dave Eisenstadter
Charlotte Crittenden
Camp Luther, Mission, BC
302017 Sep 22-24Seth Tepfer
Gaye Fifer
Larry and Audrey
312018 Sep 21-23Bev Bernbaum
Lindsey Dono
Peach Jam
Dam Beavers
2019 Sep 20-22
Sarah Van Norstrand
Yoyo Zhou
Pete's Posse
The Waxwings
A thing called COVID came along, and for three years, camp was gone.
2023 Sep 22-24
Lisa Greenleaf
Wendy Graham
Sullivan Hall, Surrey, BC